Monday, May 28, 2007

"When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me."

We do that to our family, to our friends, to random people without really thinking what we mean by asking for their forgiveness..
I'd been thinking about it and I did have this problem with one of my so-called special people.. You know when you look back to see what went wrong and why and stuffs.. And I realized sometimes when people just ask for your forgiveness it's not cuz they mean it.. It's just that they wanna stop the whole fight.. And what can you say when someone tells you he/she is sorry??!! You can't say I can't forgive you! cuz that's the end of the friendship.. You can't act like everyhting's cool Cuz then you can't go on and talk about what has made you upset!!!
What happens is that you say it's ok but deep down you know it is not ok at all.. and then next thing happens and again you hear how he's sorry and again like you have no other choice you just say it's ok..
What the poor guy doesn't know is that he is playing with a TICKING BOMB and every single stupid apology that you hear gets him closer to your bad side! And then one day simply BOOM!! The bomb's exploded in the relationship and the damages are so high that you better just leave it as is and let go!
I know fights are terrible.. People say things that they don't mean them, people make each other angry and stuffs but after each fight there is a make up which makes the whole thing sweeter..
Next time say you're sorry when you really mean it.. You would see what a huge difference it makes..

Sunday, May 20, 2007

دل ما رفته مهمانی به یک دریای طوفانی

به امیدی که ساحل داره این دریا
به امیدی که آروم میشه تا فردا
به امیدی که این دریا فقط شاه ماهی داره
به عشقی که نمیبینی شباشو بی ستاره
دل ما رفته مهمانی
به یک دریای طوفانی
باید پارو نزد وا داد
باید دل رو به دریا داد
خودش میبردت هرجا دلش خواست
به هرجا برد بدون ساحل همونجاست

Saturday, May 19, 2007

How Can We Be So Different STILL Feel So Alike??!!

Thousand different types of people come in and out of your life..
Some of them, well, it takes time to get to know them and start liking/not liking them, some you just can’t stand from the beginning and then my favorite group comes:
Those you just feel it as soon as you see them.. You just talk to them on and on without noticing the time.. You realize you’re sharing your secrets with them without really knowing them well and without knowing why and you just enjoy being around them..
And the weird thing’s that most of the time you find them really different and then through those differences you find out your similarities.. And that's when a whole new journey begins..
And that's the beauty of life:)

Friday, May 18, 2007

If You Really Wanna Touch someone, Send Them a Letter!

I couldn't agree more.. I mean just imagine when you check the post, somewhere between all those nasty bills you have a mail from a special person.. Wouldn't it make your day?
Or when you check your e-mails in the pile of all those junk e-mails/forwards you have a real e-mail from a real friend.. It's just beautiful..
It is proven: Letters make people super happy.. But what if you can't read it?
It shouldn't be a bad hand writing for not being able reading it.. Some people have a really nice BUT unreadable hand writing..
I still think it's easier to deal with people with naturally bad hand writing.. They know they're bad and they try to make it readable.. But those nice-unreadables are simply encouraged to go on and write like this since everyone at the first glance says:"Woww very nice hand writing!!!!"
Anyways the result would be the same:
You have the letter and you're the happiest girl in the world.. you open it.. you try to read it.. first you're confused if it's "g" or "y" ..then kinda embarrassed that your friend was nice enough to write you and you cannot read it.. and finally you just leave it "as is" and pretend you've never got any mail!
And that's why whoever's invented e-mail deserves to go to heaven right away since he/she has solved many problems, has reduced many confusions and helped in getting rid of embarrassments..

Thursday, May 10, 2007

You can safely assume that you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do!!!

Isn't that amazing?? As soon as I'm done with all the exams it's finally sunny, warm and beautiful outside.. You know what it means?? It means that god still loves me..
I was starting getting worried that she's totally forgotten about me.. But sounds like she simply was busy with some other needy, demanding people!!!
I still truely believe that we do need more than one god..The number of people is growing (I don't even wanna start talking about sick (mentally/physically) people), the level of expectations are going higher, people are becoming more self centered and need more attention.. The list goes on and on.. Seeee only one god can't answer every singel of us!
Cuz personally I do need one for myself to help me out with people I'm dealing with!!!
I'm not sure if I'm a girl with no nerves whatsoever or the number of people who are marching, jumping, runing on my nerves are remarkebly increasing!!!
Sometimes I lie awake at night and ask:" Where have I gone wrong! How do I always end up with this kinda people??!!" Then a voice says to me:" This is going to take more than one night!"

Monday, May 07, 2007

Ev ev ev everybody come on everybody..Shake it to the left now..Shake it to the right now..Ev ev ev everybody come on everybody..Keep dancing tonight!

Every single day that I woke up this week I felt like the world's smiling at me.. You know what a great feeling it is that you just feel happy and grateful for no reason? You just like things as they are..
My friend called me last night and we're going to this salsa dance class tomorrow..
And that made me think maybe I could take it seriously and become a professional dancer and stop being worried about what I should do..
But the problem's that: In today's world the word "professional dancer" is used for strippers.. I mean it's really funny, you see a girl, you start talking to her and she tells you how much she likes her job and how much she enjoys it and when you ask her what do you do.. She announces very proudly:"I'm a professional dancer... I dance with no clothes on!" Isn't that funny?? People are giving funny and surprisingly acceptable names to their professions.. Ask prostitutes..They never tell you :"I do have sex for money" they say they are "professional masseurs!"
I'm doing the same thing well not in a same level but still...When people ask me what do you do I just say I'm a "professional job seeker!"
I love playing with words.. It saves you from lots of situations, keep you away from embarrassment and gain you respect from others..
My sister was giving me some advice about a job interview I have this afternoon and it really hit me.. It's all about how you feel about yourself and how you make people think of you!
Just make every one think you're the best and soon you will be one ;)