Wednesday, October 31, 2007

When you like your work place and every one's so friendly and likable it's kinda hard to pick your favorite.. But I think so far our Spanish Cleaning Guy is my #1. The whole thing started the very first day I met him: He was teaching Sandra, our receptionist, Spanish and asked me if I'm Spanish and I explained to him very clearly that I'm not!! Since then he keeps talking Spanish to me as soon as he sees me!!! Being 100% positive he totally understood I'm Persian not Spanish, I bet he just does that to put me in my "I-Don't-Know" Position...
You know how some people's expression's really funny when they don't know what's going on? I think I'm one of them.. My eyes widen with confusion, my mouth drops open and I remain silent to figure out what's going on.. And sounds like our Cleaning Guy has found a way to make his day by making me look dumb!!!
Now why he's my favorite??!! I just like his spirit.. Some people make the best out of everyhting.. I don't care if he does that by making me look dumb.. The guy has a great sense of humor which counts and I simply appreciate that!!!! And more importantly (VERY SECRETLY) I'm learning Spanish with the hope that one day I'll be able to answer him back in Sapnish and Hopefully Hopefullyyyy I'll see my dumb expression in his face;)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

گفتی که می بوسم تو را
گفتم تمنا می کنم
گفتی اگر بیند کسی
گفتم که حاشا می کنم
گفتی ز بخت بد اگر ناگه رقیب آید ز در ؟؟
گفتم که با افسونگری او را ز سر وا می کنم
گفتی که از بی طاقتی دل قصد یغما می کند
گفتم که با یغما گران باری مدارا می کنم
گفتی که پیوند تو را با نقد هستی می خرم
گفتم که ارزانتر از این من با تو سودا می کنم
گفتی اگر از کوی خود روزی تو رو گویم برو؟؟
گفتم که صد سال دگر امروز و فردا می کنم

گفتی اگر از پای خود، زنجیر عشقت وا کنم؟؟
گفتم زتو دیوانه تر، دانی که پیدا می کنم

Friday, October 19, 2007

Aspiration for a Better Tomorrow!

Don't make promise when you are in Joy..
Don't reply when you are Sad..
Don't take decision when you are Angry..
Think Twice..Act Wise!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

In Order to Make it Happen You Only Need One thing: EVERYTHING!!!!

Today at work my boss gave me this magazine, which he thought I might find it interesting and useful, with the comment that if I wanna succeed I need to increase my "general knowledge"!!!!
My whole idea of a magazine is gossips about celebrities so kinda surprised but very excitedly I opened the magazine just to find out with a broken heart that it was all about the growth of the shopping centres in North America!!!!! and since quite frankly I'm not a big fan of numbers I just started scanning it very quickly just in case he started talking about the boring articles I don't look as dumb as I thought I would!!
Anyways, I was going through the pages when I came to this advertisement with my title's topic..
"This would be a nice title to write about!!!" was my first thought and then I realized it's been a while since the last time I wrote..
I mean some times people get so busy with their every day life that they forget about their little worlds.. And I felt kinda bad.. Cuz my little world used to be where I would confide in whenever I felt like sharing and as soon as I reached to the point that I felt like finally I'm happy and satisfied with myself I forgot all about my precious little world..
I felt like one of those annoying people that keep calling you when they're down and as soon as they're done with that phase you simply don't hear from them anymore!!!!
So I'm just writing to let it know I'm not one of those annoying people.. The truth is that I don't find time to write!!! I mean when I'm at work tons of new things come to my mind to write about but I don't have access to my blog from there and when I get home there's always something to do.. Either people are coming over or I'm going somewhere perhaps just to prove to myself I've not turned into a boring gal..
And then late at night I'm so worried that I'm gonna oversleep the day after that all of the things that I wanted to write about flies away my mind!!!
And that's exactly why we don't have a part time philosopher!!! On behalf of all the philosophers let me tell you that we people need to be free to be able to focus!!!!
The only problem's that by thinking, focusing and writing you can never afford a Porsche and that's the problem of living in a materialistic world!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

There are two kinds of suffering:
The suffering that leads to more suffering and the suffering that leads to the end of suffering.
If you are not willing to face the second kind of suffering, you will surely continue to experience the first!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

يادم باشد از چشمه درس خروش بگيرم و از آسمان درس پاك زيستن

يادم باشد سنگ خيلي تنهاست... اوراهم لطيف رفتار كنم مبادا ترك بردارد

يادم باشد براي درس گرفتن و درس دادن به دنيا آمده ام ... نه براي تكرار شتباهات گذشتگان

يادم باشد روز و روزگار خوش است وتنها دل ما دل نيست

يادم باشد جواب كين كمتر از مهر نباشد

.جواب دورنگي كمترازصداقت

.يادم باشد در برابر فرياد سكوت كنم...بر سياهي نور بپاشم

يادم باشد زندگي را دوست دارم

يادم باشد معجزه قاصدكها را باور داشته باشم

يادم باشد گره تنهايي و دلتنگي هركس فقط به دست دل خودش باز مي شود

يادم باشد هيچگاه لرزيدن دلم را پنهان نكنم تا تنها نمانم

يادم باشد هيچگاه از راستي نترسم و نترسانم

يادم باشد زندگي با عشق زيباست

يادم باشد زنده ام

They Keep Saying the Right Person Will Come Along, I Think Mine Got Hit By a Truck!!!!!

We've all heard the story that Alexander was so tired ..Almost had lost the war.. Was sitting by this wall looking at an ant, which was trying so hard to climb up the wall with a small piece of food in her mouth.. Almost half the way up the food, perhaps too heavy for her, fell down on the ground.. Little ant walked down the wall got her food went up and again it fell down.. Having nothing else to do, Alexander kept watching the ant.. The hard struggle to keep the food in her mouth while going up the wall.. Anyways long story short, he counted and the ant finally reached up the wall successfully with the food in her mouth after 3 hundred and something trying and failing.. And anyways Alexander realized when a small ant is so determined to get what she wants how come he couldn't.. So he went back and apparently won the war!!!
Why I'm saying all this totally irrelevant to the tile??!!
I think we all have this consistency somewhere deep down.. I mean “Most of us women like men, you know; it's just that we find them a constant disappointment" and we still go for it..
I'm not even sure anymore if we're trying to find love or simply are challenging ourselves to do the impossible!!!!
God bless us!;)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Afraid to Sell Yourself??!!

OK.. That's it.. Finally got a job..
I don't know how I feel yet! For sure happy, kinda worried and just a little tiny biny sad.. I mean saying good-bye to this life style is not easy!!!!
So it all started when my recruiter called me and was so excited about this job opportunity and he kept on talking about how big this company is and how full of opportunities it is!
The excitement started growing on me and made me kinda nervous.. What if the interview goes bad.. Any tips??!!
"Ah don't worry just try your best to sell yourself!!!"
So I went there not sure how to feel about selling myself to a total stranger!!!!!
The whole process of sales was pretty easy tho..
A big smile.. A nice compliment.. A brief description of myself and when she started talking I realized that I've successfully sold my self to this lady to work under her!!!!!!
Trust me it's not as bad as it sounds...