Sunday, December 30, 2007

They Say the Smallest Prayer Can Still be Heard!

Dear God:
Please help Atoosa stays young forever, make Anooshka a lil whiter, help others understand Arash's ideologies and find a way to let Marjan know piggy tail style doesn't suit her!!!
Please do something for Maryam so she eats as much as she wants but doesn't gain any weight, and just do your best to make Mani less grumpy!
Dear God:
Make Abbassi happy again and vanish this miserable creature you've sent us instead and don't change Shahram a bit cuz we love him as is! Make Kashani's labors end their strike and get back to work, and show me the way to Kazi's heart so he tells me that thing everyone knows but me!!!
Dear God:
Let Kamran knows I'm sorry for what I said and make him forget the whole last night conversation!
Please make sure Ali wouldn't change his mind about the party, Sibel wouldn't work on Tuesday and Sahar wouldn't feel I was the reason we cancelled the Windsor trip!!!
Dear God,
Please freeze this week and let me enjoy every single minute of it and find a way I don't go back to work any more.. (Lord in case you needed a hint winning a lottery could be a help!!!)
Make an exception and omit this hang over thingy from the whole universe, and help people live in a head-ache, stomach-ache and nausea free world!!!
Thanks God, Amen!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

!!! باز هم میگویم حال ما خوب است ولی تو باور نکن

و بعد از آن همه طوفان و وهم و پرسش و تردید

کسی از پشت قاب پنجره آرام و زیبا گفت

تو هم در پاسخ این بی وفایی ها بگو در راه عشق و انتخاب آن خطا کردم

و من در حالتی ما بین اشک و حسرت و تردید

کنار انتظاری که بدون پاسخ و سرد است

و من در اوج پاییزی ترین ویرانی یک دل

میان غصه ای از جنس کوچک یک ابر

نمیدانم چرا؟ شاید به رسم عادت پروانگیمان باز

برای شادی و خوشبختی باغ قشنگ آرزوهایت دعا کردم