Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Think the Killers Get Far Too Much Attention!

My family’s setting up a be-careful-everyone-around-you-is-a-psycho club and my boyfriend as the most eligible potential member for this watch-out union has been accepted by them. According to research from a criminologist, serial killers form 17% of the world’s population and to this club either the percentage has risen up to 97% or they truly believe this 17%’s main goal is to hunt me down, rape me and kill me!
I’m serious: For every single job interview I’ve had, they made sure I’m not going anywhere without the full knowledge of all these evil gangs that sell girls to Dubaian sheikhs or rape them and video tape them or steal from them etc. etc.
When I had to go to Italy by myself for work a couple of weeks ago, while my boyfriend, the VP of the club, asked for almost 1238763980 times if the factories I’m going to make a visit are trustworthy people, my mom made sure to make a quick research and just to her luck my sister had recently watched this movie that very bad things had happened to this girl who was travelling alone. The result? I didn’t make any contact with anyone there, spent all my money on shopping, arrived home totally broke but 100% safe!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

اگه دختر به دنیا بیای خیلی چیزا رو باید یاد بگیری! اول از همه باید خیلی بجنگی تا بتونی بگی اگه خدایی وجود داشته باشه می‌شه مثِ یه پیرزنِ مو سفید یا یه دخترِ قشنگ نقاشیش کرد! خیلی باید بجنگی تا بتونی بگی وقتی حوا سیب ممنوعه رو چید گناه به وجود نیومد، اون روز یه قدرت باشکوه متولد شد که بهِش نافرمانی می‌گن

Sunday, March 01, 2009

You Can't Teach People to be Lazy - Either They Have It, or They Don't.”

I've bought a treadmill.. In this country you don't need to move at all to get your job done.. Everything can be done by a simple phone call.. To convenience store to send you ice-cream and yogurt, to the manicurist/pedicurist to stop by your place and do your nails and hair! To this lady who brings you fried onion, vegetables, everything so you just mix them for dinner.. And we always wonder why non-Persians call us lazy! That's how we're brought up dude! I'm not gonna lie to you guys.. I loveeee it..
But it made me a bit concerned when my brother warned me if I go on like this my ass would get the shape of the bed!!
That's why I bout a treadmill.. Now my family members enjoy the scene of an almost dead girl, sweating and running on this monster just cuz in less than a month I'm going to Bali and I need my confidence back!