Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Key to Being a Good Manager is Keeping the People who Hate You Away from Those Who are Still Undecided!!

It's really hard for me to be a manager.. My biggest wish is to be loved by everyone.. And by everyone, I mean eveeeryyone even those I hate by heart!! And that's when my problem starts.. When I was an employee I hated all my bosses except for one. They all were mean people who expected us to work our butts off to do the task well..
So now as being a manager myself, knowing exactly how others think of me, I have to be hard but nice, tough but kind, leader but team worker, stick to the rules but being understandable, etc etc. The truth is that in reality you can never be like that.. After a while you realize basically no one really listens to you.. So what I did was to let my husband lead the whole team and I be the friendly partner who everyone enjoys her company.. My plan was going pretty well till we decided to expand our school and open up the new branch.. Now I'm all by myself in this branch, and I have to be the bitch who everyone hates, that bastard that doesn't even look at the resumes, or simply don't hire that poor girl just cuz she's got no experience, the ruthless freak who fires those who get frequently sick!
So I'm just writing this to apologize to all my ex bosses I called bastard, bitch or pig and beg my employees to be a lil more sympathetic and understand my situation that beside fun times we need to work hard to turn those devils call children into little angels and proudly hand them over to the world!
I really hope this writing helps, if not who cares.. only those who really love me get paid!