Monday, October 27, 2008

It Seems so Gloomy Out There, But It Shines Inside My Heart! It's Sometimes Completely Vis-a-Versa, Though!

A friend of mine while in Amsterdam, was staring at a tree when noticed the leaves changed into tiny ladies who are dancing and flirting with him and just to his surprise they would get offended if he stops looking at them.. So he spent his whole afternoon smiling at a tree and making sure lady leaves won't get upset with him!
I don't care what drug he was on, I wanna see leaves dance for me too.. You go to the store and very politely ask for a making-leaves-dance drug.. The whole point is to have a relax, thinking-free afternoon..
I think too much about things I don't wanna think about.. The sad part is that a part of me enjoys the suffer perhaps to support it that human being has been divided into two categories of Cruel Sadist and Heartbroken Masochist!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ambition is a poor excuse for not having sense enough to be lazy!

Have you ever thought of having a job with good money, lots of respect from others and not needing to do a lot for it?
I’d been thinking about it a lot and that’s why I’ve decided to become a PHILOSOPHER!!!
These people have the life that I idealize..
Just imagine you wake up in the morning, have your coffee ready, sit on the balcony, stare at horizon and when others ask you what you are doing, you give them one of those “can’t you see” looks and reply: “I’m working!!!”
Isn’t that fantastic??? We are in the 21st century and all everyone’s thinking about is working, working and more working..
And then there are these happy people that “think” they’re actually doing something.. And just imagine what a great feeling it is that you’re doing nothing and you don’t feel guilty about it!!!!I’m loving it!
It’s official! I’ll be a philosopher..
So those of you who keep asking me “did you get a job?” (Seriously can’t you think of something else to talk about??!! And yes I’m talking to you my dear “strong commenter”!!!!!!) anyways you’re answer is I am a self employed, well respected lady.. Soooo leave me alone and have a beautiful sunny day;)

Monday, July 14, 2008

بودن من سخت نیست...من از بیهوده بودن سخت دلگیرم

It's weird.. Since I was a kid I was sure I would do something really important in this world! Something to make people around me really proud of having me! The only problem was that I didn't know what I would do and what would make me a famous lady..
I started from being an expert surgeon.. Saving people's lives.. Being people's hope.. Sounded nice.. But that's when I was too young to know the requirement was to pass biology and the other thing I didn't know was how much I hate this course! So not very proudly I passed on being any kind of a doctor, geneticist or whatsoever that was related to this stupid course!
After that I wanted to become a famous painter. Someone who's drawings would get her to top of the world.. The paintings that would touch people's hearts.. On that era I wasn't familiar with the term "Talent".. It was a time when I used to think you can do it if you really want to! That's when I started understanding the world and how you can't have everything you wish for! (Thanks to all the forward e-mails now I know I should be thankful god didn't give me all the things I wished for tho!)
Becoming a famous pianist and introducing the whole world to my topnotch music master pieces sounded like the final answer to all my prayers.. Musics that would make it easy for people to fall in love.. To forget their problems and just relax.. The only problem was that the whole passion for music faded away in 6 months!!!!
Anyways the list goes on and on..
Seasons changed, years came one by one, I grew up.. The only thing that's still the same is that I don't know what's that important thing that I'm gonna do to have my name somewhere in the history!
I'm telling you I do have the feeling.. I've had it since years ago.. So don't doubt my famousy thingy!!! Just wait and see..
I just hope.. I pray deep down that I don't end up being famous while I'm stuck in fire, drawn in the wild, stormy sea, or am knocked up by a car because I'm trying to save someone else's life!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Typical Persian Girls

There are some "typicals" that you just know them as soon as you see them.. like typical on-diet people: Those you see at McDonald's ordering a Double Big Mac Meal with extra cheese and super size fries yet humbly order a diet coke with their food. Or typical photographers; Those who would turn a 2-hour-trip into a 6 hours just cuz every now and then they stop the vehicle to take some shots.. Those you hate to take your picture at parties cuz you'll never see those pictures again in your life.. Or typical moms.. Well generally speaking all moms, with the same driving habits, characteristics, hair style and dreams.. Or typical idiots, those who screw you up with no intentions and when they want to make it up to you they make it even worse!
These are the typicals that as soon as you see them you can categorize them but who the heck is this typical Persian girl that guys call us if we ask them to carry heavy stuffs for us or give us their seats when there's not enough seats for everyone.. Or if we cry if the movie ending's sad or get mad if we don't get the attention we want?
I really don't know who goes into this category, but from the tone and the look that comes with the phrase, I have a feeling it's not the nicest thing one could say to a girl.. And perhaps that's why we automatically get offended when someone dares to call us a typical Persian girl and of course obliged when they compliment us that we're not a typical Persian girl!
My favorite is when a guy friend told me he's read my weblog and he just doesn't get it why people would "waste" too much time on writing everything that comes to their mind! And after a deep look he gave me, he found the answer himself: "Hey if you have so much free time in hand why don't you go to the gym?!!" When he made sure that I'm not joking when I explained the reason I don't go to the gym is not cuz of lack of time, but simply cuz I don't like going to the gym, after a look of disbelief/disappointment on his face he mumbled "a typical Persian girl!" I normally argue about anything that I don't agree with.. The whole idea is either you convince me or I convince you.. But this time I just looked at him and changed the subject to something he could easily comprehend with that tiny-biny cell of brain god's put on his head by mistake and asked him if he liked his beer!
I've started thinking everything has an expiry date, so do friends.. That night I knew my friend's been expired for a quite a while!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Things that Make Me Smile :)

When my mom makes me honey milk in the morning before I leave, my dad calls my mom daily to tell her how much weight he's lost since they've been apart, Sandra makes the face as soon as the kiss-boss's-ass guy steps in, Kirash tries to speak Farsi to my mom, Arash tells me about his new job and life in Iran, Maryam dances while she's singing and feels sexy, Houman remembers the silliest things I've told him, Parnia calls right after work to tell me how tired she is and without waiting to breathe asks where to party, Atoosa or Anooshka answer the phone when I call MY home jut to let me know they're in a rush and hang up on me before I get the chance to tell them I'd called to talk to my mom!
When Abbasi's around, Mani cooks, Marjan makes a visit, Kashani talks about his dreams, Nasim takes care of the "team" and Lida becomes deep!
That smile you guys give.. Every time I think I can live without you, you give me that smile. I've started thinking you really shouldn't do that to me.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Stay Beautiful...

The first time I decided to be a "nun", I was 18!!! I was madly in love with this guy and the loser didn't love me back and I was so heart broken and everything and it was my first time being in love and thought to myself it's not worth it so decided to become a nun to avoid any more hassles!!! But like many other promises that I gave myself and couldn’t keep them, or simply cuz I knew guys need me more than god does, I kept postponing my engagement with god!
It was 10 years ago, but since then every now and then I still sometimes think of it as an option!
Maybe all men are a drug. Sometimes they bring you down and sometimes they get you so high. Or maybe they are food: Sometimes simply delicious and yummy and sometimes smelly in a way that no matter how hungry you are you just pass.
Maybe they help bringing the best out of you, or making you look down at yourself. Maybe they make you cry with happiness and joy or make you cry with hurt and anger. And maybe they make you think you’re a princess or make you wish you were a nun!
There are tons of other maybe’s and for sure sometimes it is impossible to get them but the truth is that they are fun to be around and more importantly they can only do what you allow. And always remember: “It takes 42 muscles in your face to frown, but it takes only 4 muscles to extend your arm and bitch-slap them.”

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Most Effective Form of Birth Control is Spending the Day with Some Kids!!

I'm not good with kids.. It's not a secret, even people that don't know me would know it as soon as they see me with a kid!
A couple of nights ago I watched this movie "No Reservation" and made me think.. Actually this was the second movie with the same concept.. that a sister dies and the other one should take care of the dead sister's kids!!!!!! And the thing's that the poor sister is not ready at all for this huge responsibility! I mean if she was, she would have one herself, right??!!
And then I started feeling cold and scared to death when I remembered I have 2 sisters with 3 kids!!!!!
Since it wasn't something that I felt comfortable talking about it face to face I decided to write it in here:

Dear sisters,
mmmm I don't know how to put it in words without sounding harsh.. Soooo first of all let me tell you how much I love you guys and how deeply I hope you guys live forever and ever but you know what they say: "shit happens!!!" So I'm just writing to ask you, actually to beg you:
1) If possible do not die!!!
2) If for any reason it happened please please plzzzz don't ruin my and those angel's lives by letting me take care of them.. I mean we already have to deal with you not being around anymore!!! So please don't make it harder for any of us!!!
Atoosa honey do you remember how you were so sick 3 years ago and I thought you have SARS and how I was beside your bed asking you not to die cuz I had no clue what to do with your kids??!! It's still the same..
I know I have to work on my "taking some responsibility" skills, but let me start by adopting some plants!!! If I was successful with that I might be ready to move on to the next stage: i.e having a fish..
Make it short it will take forever for me to be ready for taking care of some kids!!!
So I'm just writing to tell you, you really need to take care of yourselves, eat vegetable, sleep well, do some exercise anything you think might help to live longer cuz in case of emergency I'll be in Africa!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

There Can be Miracle When You Believe...

Gloria, the walking-talking lady, the pregnancy symptoms as she was the reason for my Monday headaches and afternoon nausea, my no one-said-to-be supervisor has got a boyfriend, which means she leaves work early, doesn't care what I do and since she spends most of her time on the phone, wouldn't find the time to talk to herself in front of me! God bless the guy's soul, finally the sun is shining at me and my real smile is greeting everyone!
Dear god, I know trying to make it last forever spoils the romance, but please make an exception, if necessary take 3 years of my precious life, let it snow right in the middle of June, but don't let him break up with her!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together? I guess that wouldn't work. Someone would leave. Someone always leaves. Then we would have to say good-bye. I hate good-byes. I know what I need. I need more hellos.

Another airport.. Another fake smile and a big failure not to cry.. Another holding tight not wanting to let go.. Another last minute stupid joke instead of begging not to go.. Another freaking Good-Bye!
I'm gonna miss your dumb jokes, the early morning wake up calls, your "don't worry we'll do something about it when you get home!", even our fights! And tho you won't believe me I'm gonna miss going nuts cuz of the way you drive and listening to your annoying intolerable music!
I'm gonna miss your comments, your cooking and the proud look on your face over the burned dish of a so-called food, your messiness, your craziness, your kindness, your incredible sense of humour, your attitude towards life, your silliness.. I'm gonna miss you!
I'd even miss your last-minute-looking for cellphone and wallet, ironing your shirt, checking your e-mails, paying the bills or your sudden urge of change into a new outfit right before we leave the house!
Come back soon, this place is so boring without you!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm Lazy.. But It's the Lazy People Who Invented the Wheel and the Bicycle Because They Didn't Like Walking or Carrying Things

"I'm gonna die!" It was the first thing that came to my mind.. I'm gonna die lonely and scared with no loved ones around, no last words, no last moments.. No nothing.. I'm gonna die in this hot smelly room full of sweaty tired strangers with a dizzy head, sick stomach and a dark blurry vision and no one would even know what I'd been thinking about in my very last moments of my life!!!
It all happened in half an hour of that stupid hot yoga class we went to tonight!
The whole idea is to practice yoga in a room heated to 40.5°C with a humidity of 40% perhaps to sweat to death and find it difficult to breathe!
When we were registering the guy warned us that we might feel dizzy or nausea in the class as it happens to beginners especially to women and he added that we don't need to freak out and all we need to do is to lie down a bit and we should be fine! It sooooo wasn't fine!!
My 90-minute class only lasted for 30 minutes, when I started feeling dizzy and the whole thing went black! So I did what the guy had told me: Lied down for 10 minutes, got up to realize I'm feeling worse and spent the next 20 minutes thinking I'm dying for nothing and then left the class forever! After the paint ball, I think tonight was my worst experience of spending an evening with a friend!
I swear to god my body always shows negative reactions to any kind of exercising or working out or anything related to consuming energy!! I either get fat or numb and in this case dead!!
They say sports do not build character. They reveal it... And sounds like my character is to sit somewhere, relax and enjoy my movement-free life!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

! قشنگ یعنی تعبیر عاشقانه اشکال

تو مسیر یه خیابون توی یک غروب پاییز زیر چتر خیس بارون

یه نگاه ساده از تویه سلام ساده از من چندتا لبخند دروغین

چند قدم پیاده رفتن چندتا پرسش از گذشته چندتا حرف کودکانه

دل زدن به قلب دریا یه سوال عاشقانه

همه چی ساده شروع شد ساده مثل دل سپردن

مثل عاشق شدن تو مثل عاشق شدن من

هر قدم که با تو رفتم هنوزم به خاطرم هست کوچه ها تموم نمی شد حتا کوچه های بن بست

همه چی ساده شروع شد تو مسیر یه خیابون توی یک غروب پاییز زیر چتر خیس بارون

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This World without You is like a Music Without Tunes!!!

This girl here is quite something.. She's the combination of different interesting things (I'm trying to avoid using the word "weird" in public)
She can be a party animal and at the same time a workaholic.. She hates doing easy yummy stuffs like cooking but is a clean freak.. She believes she's not an alcoholic, we all agree with her in words but sigh in our hearts!
Do not watch a movie with her if her son is around.. She doesn't care how many other people are watching, she should explain every little thing that is going on in the movie for her 5-year-old kid!!! And if you wanna take picture make sure you bring one extra camera for her.. She can't help it.. Have an urge to take pictures of herself!!
No matter how much I've told her it's all about heart, her biggest wish is that she was white..
She thinks she's shy but the first time she met her husband's family she played piano and sang for them!!
She's the most easy going person that I know but gets realllyyyy upset when we ask her why you just give noon panir gerdoo to your family..
She believes in talking to god at nights, but she falls asleep before saying the first word..
It's just that she's just she!
I told you she's an interesting combination or as my cousin has said: "She's a phenomenon you can't see everyday: bright and silly, serious and crazy, hard-working and lazy, logical and obstinate." :)
I love you sooooo much!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Day 3 of Alcohol-Free Month.. Hands starting to shakeee!!!!!:S

I'm not sure how many of you know Mr. Zakarīya al-Rāzi, but for sure I'm one of his biggest fans.. He introduced me to my best friend: alcohol.. Well for such a long time I couldn't choose between Wine and Chocolate but since I've lost that killing crave for chocolate, Wine's been my one and only one..
But like all other love stories that don't last forever, my body got jealous of this "Platonic Love" and started reacting by gaining weight.. Like by making me "massive" I would give up!!!! Then started hurting me by giving me terrible stomach pains.. Since that didn't work either, now my precious body has decided to kill me by not functioning well!!!
It's like the times when my mom didn't like the guys I used to date and well first I would struggle and fight but after a while would realize it's not worth it and would simply give up..
Soooo to be friends with my body again I decided to stop drinking for a whole month.. Now there's a huge fight between my broken heart and my stubborn body.. I'll update you which one wins but something deep down tells me the heart is not that strong to win the battle... That's how it used to be and gonna be I guess!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hot as Ice!

My niece, a 12-year-old, has started talking about cute and popular guys at school.. Although we joke around about it a lot, something inside me so bad wants her to stop!! Last night after a small chit-chat with her I started thinking about my life.. When I started realizing love.. The real love I mean.. Not all the imaginary lovers I had when I was her age from James Smith in Pocahontas and that singer in LA and my plans to grow up soon and move to US to be with him happily ever after, to that movie director who had just lost his wife and my only problem was how to convince my mom to let me marry a guy who's youngest child was my age!!!
Have I ever been in love? I think I was once, years ago when i was too young to understand what's going on!! I'd be lying if I say I don't miss that feeling.. You see, I wasn't only in love with the guy, I was in love with every single day of my life.. No matter how I felt or how bad my day was only a phone call from him and I was the shiniest girl in the globe!
When I compare myself to those days I can't help but wondering what has happened to that girl! I used to be emotional, nice and caring.. I used to love and be loved and be grateful for that.. I used to know what I want.. Most importantly I used to be a woman, when my heart was as hot as fire not as ice!!!
A friend of mine told me a couple of nights ago that he feels a part of him dies with every relationship that goes wrong! Is it only him or that's what happens to all of us??!! We give, we receive, we hurt, we get hurt, we go through emotional break downs, we "think" we've learned our lesson and feel stronger for the next one! What we don't know is that we're not getting stronger, we're making our guard around us thicker to protect ourselves from the unknown! From things that would hurt us again! So we can move on easier every time we're involved with a new person until it becomes a routine! First thing you don't like, you break it up and shout: "Next!"
How many "nexts" did I have, I simply don't know! There are many faces and names that fades out in time..
But the whole procedure has made a new person out of me.. Someone who can't trust her feelings herself.. Gets attached easily, disattached easier.. Loves this minute, doubts her feelings the very next minute.. Gets mad and forgives, gets upset and moves on, gets hurt shrugs and calls it a hard luck!!!! Someone who cares and doesn't care at the same time.. Laughs at the same thing that made her cry the night before.. Someone who looks for love everywhere but when she finds it she gets panic attacks, feels suffocated and runs away!!!
Now when I feel my niece is at the age of starting to experience emotional stuffs how can I warn her about the outcomes without sounding like a loser?? How would a 12 year old understand when I tell her she needs to be careful that she might end up getting hurt but still has to have her hopes up and look forward to a beautiful relationship?? Would she understand it if I tell her variety is spice of life but she needs to get familiar with the term "enough"? How can I explain to her that what goes around, comes around and she needs to pay extra care while she's dealing with others' feelings! That she shouldn't want to be everything to someone or makes someone everything, that all she needs is to be something to someone!
My dad says when you can put your finger on where the problem is you've already passed 50% of the way.. I know I'm on my half way but the question is isn't it too late to change to be able to pass the second half??!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Too Tired to Function...

After months of asking, begging almost crying for my manager to get me more involved, I finally got into accounting.. Now every morning me and my mathematicsless brain go to work, stare at the endless bunch of numbers and control sheets, remember the good old days of doing nothing and sigh!!!!!
I can't really tell if my boss (the main boss I mean, cuz everyone even our receptionist acts as my boss!!!!) likes me.. Last time he told me he's gonna get me a soup (I've started feeling old. The whole winter I was sick, coughing and complaining about the pain in my bones!!!) and when I asked him what kind of a soup he added that he's gonna surprise me!
((Why I always think surprises are good stuff??))
He brought me a Caribbean Chicken Soup.. What he forgot to tell me, most likely cuz it was the "surprise", was that there were 2 chicken feet in the soup!!! Only the idea of having 2 disgusting chicken feet right under my nose made me sick enough not to be able to touch my soup, so I hid my yukky chicken feet soup in the garbage bin, thanked him and promised myself not to fall for his surprises again!!!!
And now this accounting thingy.. I'm really not sure if he gave me more responsibilities cuz he thought I could do them or gave them to me to make me quiet for a while!!!!
In less than a month I either get a nice, yeayyy-I-did-it promotion, or would go down with a pure humiliation!!!!
This new year I asked god to give me something like a camel's hump, where I can save some energy.. So if I sleep well on weekend I can stay awake on weeknights!! Perhaps this way I wouldn't fall asleep for our new year next year and wouldn't feel this tired while I'm at work and could manage to smile when people keep talking about stuffs that I have no interest in..
This morning I saw this lady I barely know in our elevator, from the basement to 9th floor she told me the whole story of what a nasty Easter she had this year as she just found out her husband is cheating on her and how lucky I am for not having to live with a pig!!! I'm a good girl and listen to others advices.. the whole day I felt really happy for not having to live with a pig only falling for the pigs!!!!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

If God Hadn't Made Her, I would Have Ordered One!!!

My oldest sister,mother of 2, announced very proudly that her new year's resolution is to become selfish and stared at me like waiting for me to say: "Oooh Good for ya!!!" and since she's very physically strong I didn't dare to ask her why!!
Since I was a kid whenever she wanted to make me do something she would simply sit on me and start tickling me.. For most of the people and Oxford dictionary tickle means to touch the body LIGHTLY so as to cause laughter or twitching movements. For my family that has her around it means feeling some irony sticks scratching your bones give you such a pain that makes you make funny noises, which she believes is the way we all laugh!!!
Her nickname is "hamechindaan" since she thinks she knows everything and her most reliable source is her husband!! I swear to god I can see her at nights lying down on her tummy in their bed, her hands under her chin, tangling her legs gently up and down and listening to her husband trying to memorize every single word to transfer to us the day after!!! And if we correct her about some of the info she just gives us one of those What-Do-You-Know looks and says: "Saeid says that!!!!!" like he's the top source of CNN News!!
Her early morning and late night calls are nothing but trouble, mostly regarding her kids.. Either she wants me to drop them off somewhere or pick them up from somewhere just cuz she can't say "No" to her children and it's really easy for her not taking any No's from me!!!
I can't recall a moment when she's accepted she's made a mistake or perhaps has been wrong!!! I mean even when she asked my other sister if our friend's daughter is a retard and the mother heard her and got upset, she just got mad how dare someone eaves dropping her very private conversation right in the middle of the party at dinner table!!!! And when I asked her what would she's done if the lady had said the same thing about her son her explanation was that she would have got extremely offended just cuz her son does not look like a retard!!
Joke around with her no matter what but say something about her age and say good-bye to life!!
When you're upset or mad at something don't get near her cuz she finds it funny to give comments that drives you crazy and still thinks her biggest mistake was that she didn't become a psychologist!
God bless those people's soul that she doesn't like, cuz she thinks her major responsibility is to show them she doesn't like them verbally, emotionally, non-verbally, body languagely everything!
She's one of the most generous people I've ever known but still has a special sensitivity over her belongings.. The last time we were at her house we had to leave our poker game unfinished because of a couple of Red Wine drops on her furniture!!! And when her daughter stepped on her "sabzeh" she was growing for "haft sin" she sat close to her plant and cried like she's saying goodbye to her kid!!
She cries easily, laughs easier and loves the easiest.. She is a woman to love;)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

عید هرگز نه فراموش می شود، نه گم اما این من فراموش شده است که باید به یاد آورده شود پیدا شود نو شود ...سال نو مبارک

هِی عهد می کنم که دگر خم نمی شوم
دیگر اسیر ِ گیسوی ِ درهم نمی شوم
هِی توبه می کنم و باز توبه می شکنم
باری حقیقتی است: من آدم نمی شوم

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday.. Monday.. Monday!!!

One of the hardest things to do in life is when you're too tired to even move your head and you have to go to work, smile and pretend you're energetic, interested and of course enthusiast!! So you sit at your computer, you have the most serious face like you're operating a heart surgery with a slight frown to say you're in deep thoughts of problem solving but in reality you're doing nothing but staring at your screen and begging god to help the day passes ASAP!!
You have your first coffee and remember coffee's had never helped you stay awake before.. So perhaps you need a second cup to see the miracle! Trying not to lose your faith you pour your 3rd cup and that's when you start feeling sick in your stomach!!! Now you're sleepy, feeling sick inside and are mad at yourself for keep forgetting coffee's never been the solution!!!
And then there's this lady who's our Corp Law Secretary but acts like her main responsibility is to supervise me!! I have quite a time with her.. I mean she even makes me laugh IF I'm in a good mood.. But Monday morning with a little headache, tired body, sleepy eyes and sick stomach I can't even stand myself.. And Gushhhh you need hell of a patience and a free spirit to be able to deal with her cuz she has a tendency of talking to herself at my desk, which makes me feel really uncomfortable cuz I've no clue how to react.. Like when she talks about her bills I don't know how to contribute cuz all that comes to my mind is to ask how much is her bill and it's rude to ask people you barely know how much they pay for their bills!!! And then as she's talking she walks away and yuppp still talking.. So I can hear her saying something just can't hear the words and I don't know should I follow her? Ignore her? Or simply just smile and do my thing? Annnddd the best part's our morning time when she grabs the Toronto Star and reads her horoscope for me.. I mean why on earth do I wanna know what's gonna happen to her everyday with her own comments and interpretations regarding each line she reads which usually relates to her mom, perhaps the only person who spends her time with her cuz well mother-to-daughter love is an unconditional love no matter what a weirdo creature you've handed over the world!!!
I'm telling you god's made her by end of the week when she was way too tired to think what she's doing!!!! Good job God! Gooood Job!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

All the Good Things Come to an End!!

I'm not a big fan of Good-Byes.. That's why I hate it to go to the airport! Those last words kill me! All I can say is to be careful, or have a safe trip, or don't forget to call while all I wanna say is: “Please don't go!!!”
I don't like the endings in general.. Like when a good movie, a nice vacation, a delicious food, a fun party, a sweet chocolate bar, the weekend, a good book, the last glass of wine, a sunny warm day, a good conversation, a dream, a kiss, a moment when you hold hands, a friendship or a relationship ends!!!
And it's know the end of something great is coming, but you want to hold on, just for one more second...just so it can hurt a little more!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Weather Lady Felt Funny Today!! She said:"It's Snowing Still and Freezing BUT We Haven't Had an Earthquake Lately!!!!!"

One of the problems with living in an “Ice Land” is that no matter what kind of a weather alert you receive from snowfall to freezing rain and blizzard alerts, no matter if you're stuck in your own drive way or can't start your car and no matter if all the busses are cancelled because of the heavy snow and icy dangerous roads, the schools are still open, work expects you to be there on time and basically life goes on like nothing abnormal has happened!
But the truth is that 30 cm of snow has happened, roads are not passable and you can't do anything about it but wishing you were a bird not because of the incredible feeling you get of flying but to find a way to skip the crazy traffic, stressed out drivers and of course the sliding cars!!!!!
But living here makes you accept the fact that "snow is water, ice is water and water is water.. These three are one!!!"
Dear Mayor,
They say when it snows, you have two choices: Shovel or making Snow Angels! You've added up a 3rd option: leaving it to god, sun and spring to melt it for us!!!
This morning I felt really bad for HWY 403 cuz sounds like no one even knows it's existed.. After last night's heavy snow, this morning all the roads were clear but as soon as I turned into 403 I thought I've entered Alaska..No body had cared enough to remove the snow from the highway!!! And it wasn't just me.. Other drivers looked confused too!!!
So if you're reading this (Oh by the way I would get really offended if I notice you don't read my stuff!!!) and if you don't care about cars, times and lives of 1,349,006 commuters who take this highway to get to work, at least have some considerations for the poor isolated road and don't let it feel so left out and clear the snow off the road!!! You never know maybe it votes for you next time!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Roommate...My Hero;)

I was writing something totally was deep and thoughtful I was almost done when my brother woke up and I just decided to leave my thoughtful, deep writing aside and start writing about my roommate..
I'm not sure how many of you watch Friends but if you do and if you know "Ross Gellar" then you know my brother..
He's one of the most special people in my life and although we are way too different and make fun of each other all the time, I still feel like his opinions have the most influence on me, although I act like they don't!
I usually wake up earlier than him and now that I'm listening to his music I know why... Those couple of hours in the morning that I have while he's sleeping are the only hours that I can relax and chill without being disturbed by the most annoying musics in the whole world! and the worst's that his lap top's broken and he uses the PC which is right behind my room and even if i don't wanna listen to his stuffs I have no other choice!
And god bless whoever introduced him to the music world, I have the same problem when we are in the car! And since it's our unwritten, unspoken commitment to be together wherever we go, it sounds like I should get used to it and I still don't know why/how I haven't yet!
Living with him is like an adventure,i.e wandering from one room to the other and cleaning up his mess and also dealing with "so-called" friends who he suddenly without an at least one day notice or anyhting finds intolerable and I, as the nice girl, should find ways to let them know why they're not welcome to our place anymore!
One of his favorite things to do is shopping...since he was a little kid he had his own language and it was others responsibilities to understand what he says.. For him shopping is going to a movie theatre! So never get fooled if he called you and asked you if you're up for shopping!
He loves you when you cook for him he'll give u a kiss on your chick, open the fridge and have a cold pizza and leaves! I think only the idea of having a warm, home made food satisfies him but deep down he just craves for junk food!
And you know how women are known for getting ready late??!!! OBJECTION!!! Some of you know how everytime I should wait for at least 20 minutes before he gets ready, and then another 10 minutes looking for his cellphone and wallet!
I told you living with him is interesting!
mmm if you were looking for a unique roommate call my cell..
love you bro;)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Keep the Distance.. You Might Get Sick!!!!

Since couple of days ago my best friends have been Neocitran and Turnip supposedly to help me be able to breathe again, stop coughing and go back to normal! I hate it when I'm sick.. First of all it gives me a funny look just the way crying, drunkenness, sleep deprivation and feeling worn out do: Swollen small eyes, big red nose and a pale complexion, which you should agree with me are not the greatest help of boosting a self confidence! And when I cough sometimes it makes a weird noise that makes me reallly uncomfortable when I wanna cough in public!!!!
And the worse is that I still have to go to work just cuz I've made up all these different kinda excuses for not going to work that this time the only reason for not goin to work is either quitting or calling in Dead!!!!!!!
And I hate it more when I'm sick on weekends..
The result? While everyone's out snow fighting, having fun and thanking whoever invented the weekend, I'm lying down in my bed, having a hot water bag on the right side of my face (I'm not sure if it's a sinusitis or what but my right eye, eyebrow and ear are cooperating pretty well to kill me in pain) and writing this and wishing it was Sunday when you're miserable enough that nothing in this world even a sore throat or a running nose can make you feel more down!!!
Going back to sleep.. Please send me flowers and remind me I'm pretty.. Thanks!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I Don't Mind Coming to Work,

But that Eight Hour Wait to Go Home is a Bitch!!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's Time to be A Big Girl Now.. And Big Girls Don't Cry!!!!

Just when I thought I've cured my incurable disease of Crying I proved myself wrong!!!! I don't know what I expected, the name's on it: INCURABLE!!! And I knew it's coming just don't know why I didn't do something about it before making a total clown out of myself!!! I mean for some unknown reasons I wasn't feeling that great inside lately.. And the harder I tried not to show it outside, the downer I felt inside.. You know how you feel you wanna cry to cool down but find it stupid to cry over something you don't know? So you find a nice, eligible excuse to cry for..
Nice and eligible excuse..mmm... That's for normal people I guess.. I just need an excuse.. and when I asked my brother to bring me ice cream and he didn't and it made me cry I knew I'll be the real definition of embarrassment in a very near future and just to my luck it happened right in the middle of my dad's birth day party!!!! First I broke the plate I had my appetizer in.. People started giving me those familiar looks that say:"Again??!!" Yeaahh I have a reputation of dropping down stuffs, breaking dishes and spilling drinks on the floor!!! I'm not sure if it was the broken dish, those odd looks or simply the not-feeling-good-lately thingy, which made me hide in the first place close to me, so people don't see me cry!!!! I had quite a time in that 20-25 minutes in the storage room.. Kept telling myself grown ups don't cry over a broken dish, which wasn't really a big help cuz made me get worse!!!
The second time I was dancing and I swear to god this time wasn't my fault someone pushed me and well my drink spilt on the carpet! Naturally I hadn't totally overcome my previous mistake when this one happened.. This time my shelter was the washroom.. To help myself feel better I looked into the mirror.. Cuz you know how girls look prettier when they cry in the movies?
Let me tell you something really really important: Hollywood movies are nothing but none sense.. They make you think life's beautiful.. And that you'll never end up being lonely cuz in the very last minute the guy shows up in the airport, or by your house, or finds you in your secret place!!!! And they make you think if you cry your eyes get shinier and more beautiful, and when you wake up in the morning you're just like a super star!!! Yup I looked at myself just to see a very big red nose, 2 very small red eyes and crooked lips!!!!
Anyways as embarrassing as the whole thing was I cried enough.. Last night laughed enough about it with my friend Mr. Moody, who can be super fun or the most depressing guy on the whole globe and last night I had a pleasure to spend couple of hours with Mr. Fun and now I feel happy and light again!!!
So yeah that's my story.. I'm a cry girl and can't help it.. But well at least I don't have the incurable disease lots of the people I encounter with have: Stupidity!!! And I believe it's quite a relief!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

My Fortune!!!

My today's fortune is that me and my wife will be happy in our life together!!!
Having started my day with a hangover, watery/teary right eye and a bleeding nose, acting like nothing's wrong to avoid all types of future concerns and arguments regarding drinking too much, not sleeping too well, possible coming cancers and all other related stuffs with my parents, this fortune was exactly what I was looking for to feel better!!!!!
Being trapped in one of the hardest decision making moments between falling back to sleep or getting up and taking a hot, relaxing bath I remembered my best friend's birthday was 2 weeks ago!! so I did what any good friend would do: Forgot all about going back to bed, headache, bleeding nose, hot and nice bath and instead I picked up the phone and called her to wish her a very happy belated birthday and let her know how much I love her!! But since people here spend their whole weekend talking to their friends/families in Iran it's really hard to have a good conversation with a good friend over the phone in a Sunday afternoon!!
I was explaining the whole thing to her and promising her I'll call her during the weekday when in one of the pauses I needed to breathe she found a second to tell me she has to tell me something quite urgent and very important before I go.. And then went on how she's gone to this psychic and the lady out of nowhere has told her that she's to tell me I shouldn't date a guy younger than me cuz I will end up marrying him and I'll get pregnant but before my baby boy turns 1 I'll get divorce!!!! (To sum up: My wife will be happy, my husband's very unhappy and I end up raising my baby boy alone!!!! That's quite messed up man!!!!)
A few words to guys younger than me:
Although I love you all but with a broken heart have to inform you that for the sake of my kid I only date older guys!!!I mean if one day I have a kid I want him has a happy family.. I'm brought up in a very happy, loving family and I turned out to be a commitment freak.. what's gonna happen to my poor,innocent kid that is a result of a very unhappy marriage??!!
A few words to guys older than me:
I love you guys even more than the younger ones.. I just need you to promise me if one day you married me and if we had a kid don't divorce me.. (Forget about the kid, don't divorce me in general and take me somewhere warm!!!!)

Friday, January 25, 2008

She remembers when she gave him a plastic spoon she had saved from their first dinner out at a Chinese restaurant, then wonders aloud, "When is that moment in a relationship when a spoon becomes just a spoon?''

Monday, January 14, 2008

Fool Me Once Shame on YOU.. Fool Me Twice, Shame on ME!!!!

Dear liars:
Lying is bad and it makes you a bad person!!! It ruins the friendship, relationship, everything.. People lose their trust in you and it shows you don't have a strong personality and god knows nothing's sexier than power and strength for a guy!!
Above all if you lie you'll go to hell and a big, hairy, ugly monkey would jump up and down on your tongue!!!!!!
But it's like telling a smoker do not smoke cuz smoking is bad for your health and you'll get cancer!! Real smokers would never listen to you simply cuz they never think bad things gonna happen to them..
Now no matter how much I warn the liar community not to lie and inform them about its subsequents and everything they just won't listen to me..
So I'm just writing to ask you guys at least be a lil smarter and more creative and make sure not to insult our intelligence when you lie.. Cuz it's offensive, rude and disrespectful.. And it's disgusting and for sure you don't wanna be a sickening guy!!!
It's not too much to ask YOU right? But well sounds like YOU is too busy with nothing that basically has not time for anything even my words of wisdom and it's sad!!!!!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

You Can't Lose Something You Never Had..

And perhaps you shouldn't miss it.. I mean how can you miss something you never had??
Now why I still miss it so bad, perhaps is a question that my philosopher colleagues should find the answer for!!! Cuz I'm so freaking tired of all this missing and not having and questioning and not finding the answer and everything!!!!

Never Take a Job Where Winter Winds Can Blow Up Your Pants!!!

I wish I was a polar bear.. They're cute, strong, know how to fish and of course enjoy the cold weather.. In fact they only survive in cold.. So every morning when they open their eyes and see all the snow, freezing rain, 428 car accidents, red noses, ears and eyes, basically everything that makes you and me suffer, they smile and thank god for another beautiful day to live!!!! I mean if it's sunny, it's a bonus but if it's not not a big deal, no suicide no depression, no nothing!!!
This land's made for them not for cute, strong girls who don't know how to fish and for sure can't stand the cold like you and me!!!
The more I think about it the more I come to this conclusion that Santa's not real.. My wish list was either I become a polar bear or move to Florida! None of them happened!! And I won't write to him anymore!!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

کنم هر شب دعایی کز دلم بیرون رود مهرت

ولی آهسته میگویم: خدایا بی اثر باشد