Monday, February 19, 2007

When it is broken, Only a miracle can mend it!!!

When was the last time that you just said, 'What the hell!' and did something crazy??!!
The problem's that most of the times we misunderstand the term “doing something crazy” with “doing something really stupid”!!!!
And the biggest difference is when you do something stupid you may not realize it until the day after.. and OH My God the feeling you have when you wake up the next morning.. and when you remember you wish you hadn’t woken up at all!!!!
I wish there were no regrets in life, just lessons.. I think that's the art of living..
What I've learned form my past is that what breaks in a moment may take years to mend!! Well you know what they say! Every lesson has a price and I've paid quite enough to come to this conclusion that the thing you break may be like Crystals, you don’t realize how much you love it until it breaks!
I just hope I never forget it!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Somethings are Better Left Unsaid!!

Let's be realistic.. Sometimes we just wanna see others pay for what they've done to us or to people that we care about!
And even if we don't say it aloud we all know that we'd be living in a boring, perfect world if everybody wished everybody else well!!! Do I sound mean??!! Atleast I'm not boring;)
Here's to those who wish us well, and those who don't can go to hell!!
And those "hellers" are lucky that I decided to leave some stuffs unsaid!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hapy Valentine's Day Everyone!

I can’t help it.. No matter how I feel inside I just love this day.. It’s a celebration of love and I think the whole reason of us being alive is “to love and be loved!” Not that I just made that sentence I mean I totally agree with that! Lol
And it just breaks my heart when I see people who not only do not believe in this day (trust me I’ve seen a lot!!!) but also they make fun of it!!! And I’m just writing to let them know it is not a “freaking heart-shaped nightmare!!!” And calling Mr. Cupid a “weirdo” or thinking by “beating the crap out that weirdo” they actually cannot prevent falling in love!!! Anddd people who admire this day are for sure not some “loved-craze losers”!!!!!!!
C’mon look at it.. How can one don’t just adore this day??!!
When you go out, everywhere is just so RED, sexy and “hearty”!!!!
Candy hearts here, balloon hearts there.. Pink and red hearts everywhere.. Just BEAUtiful!
I’m pretty sure if Mr. Valentino was still alive he would have been impressed by all the decorations and effort that people (I mean normal happy people lol) put on this day!
Anyways I just wrote this to thank him.. Actually not him, the genius behind it who used Valentino’s death as an excuse to have a day like today!
Cheers to whoever he/she was!;)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

سفره اي که پهن شد، اينبار خالي از دلتنگي بود...فقط بوي گلاب بود و گلهاي بي ريشه و درحال مرگ... بين آنهمه سکوت، مرور يک خط از قصه هاي تو براي گفتن تمام خاطراتم بس بود. راستش را بخواهی قصد ديدار، هرچه بود از نياز بود... به خداي بزرگ تو... و تو چه صادقانه هرچه مرهم داشتي، رو کردي وقتي ديدي از نشان دادن زخمهايم شرم دارم! حالا تمام غرور من از با تو بودن اين است که از پشت پنجره اي که تو باز کردي، گاهي خداي تو را ميبينم که ساده و صبور، آب و خاک و هوا را نوازش ميکند و تو آنطرفتر، درسايه يک درخت، آوازهاي خدا را زمزمه ميکني

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

when trouble melts like lemon drop..

Some people are naturally happy and positive like my cousin.. This girl doesn't know how to be sad and the way she deals with troubles is just awesome! And trust me I have TRIED to be like her, I just feel like it’s a given gift and you just can’t copy it from others…
Like those who are naturally talented in arts! No matter how hard you try to perform like them when the talent is not there, you won’t get any where.. Like my uncle and his violin!!!!
People choose different ways in dealing with their problems.. Some decide to be fighters and the rest pick the easier way, they’re flyers!!!
I’ve decided to be a fighter… It’s sometimes really hard but then the feeling you have when you tackle that trouble and solve it, is irreplaceable!
So it's up to you, you wanna be a fighter or a flyer!!! The choice is yours!!

"Change is good" or "Change for good"??!!

I need a change! Like a real, big, "oh my god" kind of a change!
The last time I asked for such a change was almost 5 years ago and that’s when we moved here to Canada and I remember how nights and days I’d been crying, balling my eyes out, remembering the past and feeling sorry for myself and my stupid wishes!!!! And that time I was like I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll be content with what I have!!!
Don’t know why I’m not always right lol Cuz I remember those days perfectly clear and again I’ve decided to move… Somewhere…Anywhere but here!!! C’mon look at the weather!!! This land’s not made for human being!!!
For now my final destination’s Australia! You should see the look on my mom’s face when I talk about my “new” dream tho!!!!!
I wanna have a life to live in different places every couple of years and then move to somewhere new…
And I can only do it now that I’m single and have no commitments or attachments whatsoever..
Not sure if you noticed what an optimistic girl I am and how I look at the bright side of being “single”!!!!!!
And think about it this way! You know what a wise and intellectual lady I’ll turned into after I’m done with all my traveling and how much stories I have to tell my kids??!!
With this I confront one of my biggest fears i.e. my kids won’t think they’re mom is boring!!!!!
By the way since none of the pictures I put on this blog are mine, I know I have no rights or anything towards them… But I would like or as French people say “Je voudrais” (not that I wanna show off or anyhting!!! it’s just that I had been studying French the whole day) anywaysss to put a copy right on this pic, cuz I’m gonna paint it and sell it.. I need money and I think selling my paintings is more practical than selling my hair!!!!