Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just too bad that "YOU" doesn't read this weblog!!!!

Please be gentle with me!
I'm a little delicate today..
Don't speak so loud
YESS!! I know it's self-included..
Just leave me alone for a while!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

دوباره با تو

با تو دوباره من شدم
عاشق جان و تن شدم
با تو گل از گلم شکفت
با تو دوباره زن شدم

با تو جوانه زد همه
شاخه خشک پیکرم
از تو پر از ترانه شد
برگ سفید دفترم

با تو دوباره جون گرفت
هر چی که در من مرده بود
انگار پسم داد زندگی
هر چی امانت برده بود

با تو نگاه مات من
پر از گلهای ناز شد
گل لبان بسته ام
به شوق بوسه باز شد

با تو تمام خستگی
از تن من به در شده
درد غریبی کم کمک
مرده و بی اثر شده

با تو دوباره میرسم
به حد بی حساب زن
به اوج بخشش و غرور
به مرز عشق ناب زن

با تو درخت پر برم
با تو ز بیش بیشترم
از بهترینها بهترم
من با تو چیز دیگرم

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We're gonna Miss You!!!

There were laughters, there were cries…
There were fights, there were make ups..
The weather changed and so did we..
We took different roads for our trip!
There were angers, there were relieves..
There are tons and tons of memories..
Your happiness is all we want
Cuz no matter where you are, you’re in our minds
It is so lame that I do rhyme..
But believe it or not it comes right form my heart;)

You’re gonna be missed..

Monday, March 05, 2007

Touched by an Angel!

I do believe in angels.. and I do believe god send us those angels when you need them the most just to remind you, you still can go on..
There are times the road you’re trudging seems all uphill.. When things go wrong and you want to smile but you have to sigh.. And then when you think things couldn't get worse, someone would show up and bright up your world!
Isn't that amazing? I mean when you look back you realize what I'm saying... Every single time when you're on the verge of giving up it's always someone there for you who shows you the way, who helps you to survive!
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit and look for the signs.. Somebody's reaching out for you!

سکوت از من چه می خواهی که من از نسل طوفانم
سرشت بابکی دارم اهورای دلیرانم
مزن این گونه بر زخمم درفش بی علاجی را
علاج درد بی درمان خود را خوب می دانم
اگر کردم ، اگر ترکم ، بلوچ و ترکمن یا لر
مگو اهل فلان هستی
که من فرزند ایرانم

When the Heart's Smiling...

Sundays are usually (fineeee ALWAYS!!) dull days...Sunday evenings are for sure the worst pain in the butt.. Now just imagine if you've had the nastiest headache the whole day on a Sunday!!!!
Not that I want your sympathy or anything just wanted to help you picturing me the whole day lying down in my bed thinking of things I could have done if I could find a way to get rid of this headache!!!
Turning on the TV.. Not a bad idea to stare at something else rather than my ceiling for a change!! My favorite channel’s on: The Weather Channel!!!! -2… And on Tuesday’s again -11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HELLPPPP… Somebody! Anybody!!! We are freezing in here! And it’s getting serious!
Eid is coming in almost 2 weeks! Where are the blossoms??? Where is the famous spring breeze??!!
Wow it’s been 6 years since the last time I celebrate our new year back home! And Gush it was FUN!! Here you really don’t feel it any more! Neither the New Year nor the arrival of the spring! Well we’re living in the Ice Land.. What do you expect after all??
You need one of my word of wisdom?? There you go:
Try to keep your hearts warm.. Cuz no matter how cold you feel outside, if you are warm inside.. No freezing weather, no snow, not even the dull headachy Sundays can bring you down..
Think about it and start fresh tomorrow;)