Thursday, November 29, 2007

Contentment With the Past, Happiness With the Present, And Hope For the Future!

Did you know there are people who really mean it when they say they go nuts if they have nothing to do for a while??!!
One of my sisters says that a lot, but well I always thought she just enjoys being on my nerves!!!! And for others I just thought they say it to say I don't know they're important or busy or unique.. you know things like that!!!
I mean seriously who would freak out because of having nothing to do, lying in front of the TV, talking on the phone, reading, going to beauty salons, going out and simply chilling??!!
When I look back it's not been such a long time ago since I'd had such a wonderfully amazing life and as stupid as I am I said NO to my heaven and started this new life style!
Do you think I was bored with that?
Hell No! Doing nothing and enjoying that used to be my thing!!!
The only reason I had to change was the embarrassment I felt whenever someone asked me:"So what do you do?!"
So with a broken heart, intense animosity towards early morning wake ups, and hatred for saying good-bye to all my fun times I started working!
But well this whole having-a-job thingy has helped me learn a lot about myself..
I mean I never knew how much I could hate Mondays and how freaking in love could be with after 4:30 P.M.s and Friday nights!!! I never knew I could spend the whole Sunday evenings feeling sorry for myself that another week's ahead of me.. I even didn't know that the 2 hours traffic on the way back home can make me so tired that all I think about be my comfy bed not having wine with a friend!!! I also didn't know what a patient girl I could be when all I wanna do is punching that bastard at work still smiling at him and say "Sure, I'll do that in 5 minutes!!" just cuz I wanna get promoted!!!
And above all I NEVER EVER knew I could stand this whole shit and still enjoying that.. Yup I've started loving my new boring hectic lifestyle.. (To all of you who keep reminding me don't try changing people cuz it's impossible!!!)
So again and again cheers to impossibles;)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Not All The Mistakes Are Too Much Fun to Just Make Once!!!

I have a new confession to make:
My alcohol-Free Month was a big failure.. It turned out to be an alcohol-free week!!!! Anywaysss now I've made a new deal with myself and this time I HAVE TO stick to my plan:
I'm gonna start a Not-Doing-a-Stupid-Thing month!
Seriously over the past month almost two or three times a week I feel something in my stomach when I remember what I did/said the night before and I think it's time to stop that!
I'm not gonna say it's not been fun (at least some of them were) but time to start acting like a good, smart, logical girl!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

من برای سال ها می نویسم

سالها بعد که چشمان تو عاشق می شوند

اما افسوس که قصه مادربزرگ درست بود

... همیشه یکی بود یکی نبود

Isn't It a Beauty??!!

Dear people,
Thanks a lot to all of you for all your discouragements about my new car.. Thanks for reminding me how much I should pay for the "Damn Car" and ofcourse the "Freaking Gas".. Don't talk to me like I don't understand cuz I do, it's just that I don't care.. So please stop letting me know what nice cars I could get with this amount.. Cuz I think IT IS a nice car and he's just perfect.. (Yeah it's a "he" I just can't drive a "she" all the time!!!)
So next person who gives me a negative comment about the newest love of my life I've no other choice but punching!!!!
And I don't get it.. When I've already got something and am really excited about it what's the point of ruining the mood just cuz I could get a better deal when you all know there's no way I could cancel the contract and moreover you can see how happy I am? Seriously what's wrong with you all?? Can't you see me happy? I like the happy me.. I talk more, smile more, and become exceptionally more easy going..
I think your first job, first car, first house stuffs like this should be something that totally satisfies you and makes you smile.. Cuz you'll never forget any of them! My dad still remembers his first car but ask him about his 3rd car and I bet he can't reply back without thinking!
It's like the first kiss.. I don't know any person who doesn't remember their first kiss with all the details.. And I needed to get something that makes me feel like "Yup I did it" whenever I see it, drive it everything!
And nope I'm not thinking about saving and stuffs.. I'll start saving when I feel I have to.. So stop ruining my day and leave me alone!

Friday, November 09, 2007

طفلکی کرم ابریشم

چه سرنوشت غم انگیزی که کرم کوچک ابریشم تمام عمر قفس میبافت ولی به فکر پریدن بود

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Good Name in Man and Woman Is the Immediate Jewel of Their Souls!

There's this guy at work, we're on different floors but randomly bump into each other, have a small talk and leave.. This morning he asked my name and when I told him my name he stared at me like I'm a creature from some other planet and said: "Geez and I thought I have a strange name!"
So I asked for his name.. The guy's name is Kroom!!!!! Just to make it even weirder he added it's exactly like "Broom" but with "K"!!! And a Broom with K thought my name is weird!!!!!!
Last night on facebook I noticed this new application that calculates how sexy your name is.. As soon as I find the time I'll calculate my name just to compare it to his.. If in sexiness his name beats mine as well, I'm gonna cheat on our cleaning guy and make him my favorite!!!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Whoever Said Money Can't Buy Happiness is a Total Idiot!!!!!

Saturday morning I went to get a car.. I thought it should be this easy.. You go, you see, you like and you buy!!!!!
I was at my friend's and told him I have to go to buy a car but will be there by 2 to go for lunch.. That time I was so excited about the new unknown car that didn't notice the surprise and perhaps pity in his eyes..
I'm pretty sure you all know by now that I could make it to be there on time for lunch and of course with no new car!!! But I learned lots of things today regarding buying a car and would like to share it with you guys just to make sure you wouldn't make same mistakes:

1) You need to do lots of researches before actually going to the dealership!
2) You have to know your budget and understand your limits (I went to Mercedes-Benz.. When the sales guy found out about the price that was on my mind and the down payment I wanted to pay, very sincerely showed me the exit door!!!!!!)
3) Bye bye luxury, Classy, Look-at-Me-I'm-so-Hot cars.. And hello to Whatever-I-Need-This-Crap-to-Get-Me-to-Work cars!!!!!!

Life's so unfair and it's so freaking hard to get rich in this country and to add to my emotional pain and sorrow I found out Paris Hilton gets 1,000,000$ to attend a party!!!! I swear to god I can do that.. And you know what they say: "If you really enjoy what you're doing, you're gonna nail it!"
C'mon people you all know how only the idea of a possible party makes me excited for weeks.. Getting paid for just showing up!!!! Can you believe that??!!
Sooooo bank robbery is not my option anymore ( My apologies to all of you who I promised I would help!!!!) I wanna be a celebrity.. Only if Mr. Hilton was my grandpa things could get kinda easier!!!! But I've to start from somewhere anyways..
So dear people please pay me when I come to your parties!!
Thanks and have a sunny day!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

How Come We Can Land a Spaceship on the Moon, But I still Have To Brush My Teeth Every Night??!!

I'm not sure if I'm really in a good mood these days or I'm simply surrounded by funny people.. But people make me laugh with their comments.. I'll give you an example:
So this guy told me a couple of days ago that he knows what type of a girl I am.. Being curious to know what an stranger thinks about me I let him go on.. and he, very proudly, announced that: "You are type of a girl that sometimes sleep without brushing your teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I mean C'mon how many people you guys know that brush their teeth every single night? And if you know or you're one of them I'm really sorry to let you know that you or the person you know is a freak!
I'm serious!!! What type of a normal person doesn't have a night that suddenly decides to sleep over at a friend's, or passes out cuz of drinking/smoking too much... Or is just too tired to get up and brush those teeth??
You don't believe me? Let me tell you something.. My best friend back home studies psychology and she once told me that according to psychologists those group of people that do everything as they're supposed to do i.e. always obey the rules, never do anything wrong etc. etc. are just bunch of freaks.. Soooo whenever I did/do something stupid (which I should mention I have a talent in doing that) I just remind myself at least I'm normal...
You wanna prove you're normal?? Every now and then go crazy and make people around you crazy.. Do that and you'll see you've not only avoided being a freak, but also have thrown yourself miles away from getting old!!!! :)