Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This World without You is like a Music Without Tunes!!!

This girl here is quite something.. She's the combination of different interesting things (I'm trying to avoid using the word "weird" in public)
She can be a party animal and at the same time a workaholic.. She hates doing easy yummy stuffs like cooking but is a clean freak.. She believes she's not an alcoholic, we all agree with her in words but sigh in our hearts!
Do not watch a movie with her if her son is around.. She doesn't care how many other people are watching, she should explain every little thing that is going on in the movie for her 5-year-old kid!!! And if you wanna take picture make sure you bring one extra camera for her.. She can't help it.. Have an urge to take pictures of herself!!
No matter how much I've told her it's all about heart, her biggest wish is that she was white..
She thinks she's shy but the first time she met her husband's family she played piano and sang for them!!
She's the most easy going person that I know but gets realllyyyy upset when we ask her why you just give noon panir gerdoo to your family..
She believes in talking to god at nights, but she falls asleep before saying the first word..
It's just that she's just she!
I told you she's an interesting combination or as my cousin has said: "She's a phenomenon you can't see everyday: bright and silly, serious and crazy, hard-working and lazy, logical and obstinate." :)
I love you sooooo much!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Day 3 of Alcohol-Free Month.. Hands starting to shakeee!!!!!:S

I'm not sure how many of you know Mr. Zakarīya al-Rāzi, but for sure I'm one of his biggest fans.. He introduced me to my best friend: alcohol.. Well for such a long time I couldn't choose between Wine and Chocolate but since I've lost that killing crave for chocolate, Wine's been my one and only one..
But like all other love stories that don't last forever, my body got jealous of this "Platonic Love" and started reacting by gaining weight.. Like by making me "massive" I would give up!!!! Then started hurting me by giving me terrible stomach pains.. Since that didn't work either, now my precious body has decided to kill me by not functioning well!!!
It's like the times when my mom didn't like the guys I used to date and well first I would struggle and fight but after a while would realize it's not worth it and would simply give up..
Soooo to be friends with my body again I decided to stop drinking for a whole month.. Now there's a huge fight between my broken heart and my stubborn body.. I'll update you which one wins but something deep down tells me the heart is not that strong to win the battle... That's how it used to be and gonna be I guess!!!