Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ambition is a poor excuse for not having sense enough to be lazy!

Have you ever thought of having a job with good money, lots of respect from others and not needing to do a lot for it?
I’d been thinking about it a lot and that’s why I’ve decided to become a PHILOSOPHER!!!
These people have the life that I idealize..
Just imagine you wake up in the morning, have your coffee ready, sit on the balcony, stare at horizon and when others ask you what you are doing, you give them one of those “can’t you see” looks and reply: “I’m working!!!”
Isn’t that fantastic??? We are in the 21st century and all everyone’s thinking about is working, working and more working..
And then there are these happy people that “think” they’re actually doing something.. And just imagine what a great feeling it is that you’re doing nothing and you don’t feel guilty about it!!!!I’m loving it!
It’s official! I’ll be a philosopher..
So those of you who keep asking me “did you get a job?” (Seriously can’t you think of something else to talk about??!! And yes I’m talking to you my dear “strong commenter”!!!!!!) anyways you’re answer is I am a self employed, well respected lady.. Soooo leave me alone and have a beautiful sunny day;)

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Pamak said...

u r gonna get the best job, hun...just keep trying as u r doin', smile as usual and be advised that someone else has decided on behalf of you, me and the ya!