Monday, July 14, 2008

بودن من سخت نیست...من از بیهوده بودن سخت دلگیرم

It's weird.. Since I was a kid I was sure I would do something really important in this world! Something to make people around me really proud of having me! The only problem was that I didn't know what I would do and what would make me a famous lady..
I started from being an expert surgeon.. Saving people's lives.. Being people's hope.. Sounded nice.. But that's when I was too young to know the requirement was to pass biology and the other thing I didn't know was how much I hate this course! So not very proudly I passed on being any kind of a doctor, geneticist or whatsoever that was related to this stupid course!
After that I wanted to become a famous painter. Someone who's drawings would get her to top of the world.. The paintings that would touch people's hearts.. On that era I wasn't familiar with the term "Talent".. It was a time when I used to think you can do it if you really want to! That's when I started understanding the world and how you can't have everything you wish for! (Thanks to all the forward e-mails now I know I should be thankful god didn't give me all the things I wished for tho!)
Becoming a famous pianist and introducing the whole world to my topnotch music master pieces sounded like the final answer to all my prayers.. Musics that would make it easy for people to fall in love.. To forget their problems and just relax.. The only problem was that the whole passion for music faded away in 6 months!!!!
Anyways the list goes on and on..
Seasons changed, years came one by one, I grew up.. The only thing that's still the same is that I don't know what's that important thing that I'm gonna do to have my name somewhere in the history!
I'm telling you I do have the feeling.. I've had it since years ago.. So don't doubt my famousy thingy!!! Just wait and see..
I just hope.. I pray deep down that I don't end up being famous while I'm stuck in fire, drawn in the wild, stormy sea, or am knocked up by a car because I'm trying to save someone else's life!


Anonymous said...

we all have a part in this world... just to let you know.. its an incredible feeling beeing with you... u might not be able to change the world as what u pictuered b4... but a small change in someones life can do the same;)

Azin said...

We've had good times.. We've had bad times.. I'm just so happy you're there for me all the times.. Love you:X:X:X

Anonymous said...

مطمئنم که نمیدونی

Azin said...

چی رو؟

ستاره said...

خب نگران نباش...منم دقیقا" نمیدونم ولی فکر میکنم مربوط به موسیقی باشه! منم حس تو رو داشتم و دارم!

Anonymous said...

I have the exact same feeling...I know I'm destined for something and I keep trying at things and trying to develop my own style in it.
But I end up feeling dissatisfied.
I keep searching for that "thing" that I am good at, that's gonna change the world or change peoples lifes or change something for the better.
I am still looking for my "brake", even if people say that with time you will realise that these are only dreams, as I am a very emotional person and I listen to my feelings a lot, they tell me to be more realistic. But that's not the way I work...even if it sounds naiv, I have to stay true to myself and feelings.
Wow I'm glad I'm not the only one, because I thought it might be a pretty big calling to say that.

Om Pratap Singh said...

vicissitudes of life. What else can I say. Everyone wants to be different, be unique but when you realize that you are really unique, then what does any thing else matter. Be proud for what you are ( a beautiful girl)