Saturday, July 12, 2008

Typical Persian Girls

There are some "typicals" that you just know them as soon as you see them.. like typical on-diet people: Those you see at McDonald's ordering a Double Big Mac Meal with extra cheese and super size fries yet humbly order a diet coke with their food. Or typical photographers; Those who would turn a 2-hour-trip into a 6 hours just cuz every now and then they stop the vehicle to take some shots.. Those you hate to take your picture at parties cuz you'll never see those pictures again in your life.. Or typical moms.. Well generally speaking all moms, with the same driving habits, characteristics, hair style and dreams.. Or typical idiots, those who screw you up with no intentions and when they want to make it up to you they make it even worse!
These are the typicals that as soon as you see them you can categorize them but who the heck is this typical Persian girl that guys call us if we ask them to carry heavy stuffs for us or give us their seats when there's not enough seats for everyone.. Or if we cry if the movie ending's sad or get mad if we don't get the attention we want?
I really don't know who goes into this category, but from the tone and the look that comes with the phrase, I have a feeling it's not the nicest thing one could say to a girl.. And perhaps that's why we automatically get offended when someone dares to call us a typical Persian girl and of course obliged when they compliment us that we're not a typical Persian girl!
My favorite is when a guy friend told me he's read my weblog and he just doesn't get it why people would "waste" too much time on writing everything that comes to their mind! And after a deep look he gave me, he found the answer himself: "Hey if you have so much free time in hand why don't you go to the gym?!!" When he made sure that I'm not joking when I explained the reason I don't go to the gym is not cuz of lack of time, but simply cuz I don't like going to the gym, after a look of disbelief/disappointment on his face he mumbled "a typical Persian girl!" I normally argue about anything that I don't agree with.. The whole idea is either you convince me or I convince you.. But this time I just looked at him and changed the subject to something he could easily comprehend with that tiny-biny cell of brain god's put on his head by mistake and asked him if he liked his beer!
I've started thinking everything has an expiry date, so do friends.. That night I knew my friend's been expired for a quite a while!


Strong Commenter said...

This one was perfect :)) Welcome back sweetie.

Azin said...


Interim said...

LOL,,,, expired! wow i like that!

TPG Typical Persian Guy said...

Really retared. You didn't touch the subject objectively. You left me blue-balled, like a typical Persian girl. A little research on the different viewpoints would have made it a better read with bombastic conclusions of how us men are to blame for being the typical Persian guys. We're no-good either honestly