Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Most Effective Form of Birth Control is Spending the Day with Some Kids!!

I'm not good with kids.. It's not a secret, even people that don't know me would know it as soon as they see me with a kid!
A couple of nights ago I watched this movie "No Reservation" and made me think.. Actually this was the second movie with the same concept.. that a sister dies and the other one should take care of the dead sister's kids!!!!!! And the thing's that the poor sister is not ready at all for this huge responsibility! I mean if she was, she would have one herself, right??!!
And then I started feeling cold and scared to death when I remembered I have 2 sisters with 3 kids!!!!!
Since it wasn't something that I felt comfortable talking about it face to face I decided to write it in here:

Dear sisters,
mmmm I don't know how to put it in words without sounding harsh.. Soooo first of all let me tell you how much I love you guys and how deeply I hope you guys live forever and ever but you know what they say: "shit happens!!!" So I'm just writing to ask you, actually to beg you:
1) If possible do not die!!!
2) If for any reason it happened please please plzzzz don't ruin my and those angel's lives by letting me take care of them.. I mean we already have to deal with you not being around anymore!!! So please don't make it harder for any of us!!!
Atoosa honey do you remember how you were so sick 3 years ago and I thought you have SARS and how I was beside your bed asking you not to die cuz I had no clue what to do with your kids??!! It's still the same..
I know I have to work on my "taking some responsibility" skills, but let me start by adopting some plants!!! If I was successful with that I might be ready to move on to the next stage: i.e having a fish..
Make it short it will take forever for me to be ready for taking care of some kids!!!
So I'm just writing to tell you, you really need to take care of yourselves, eat vegetable, sleep well, do some exercise anything you think might help to live longer cuz in case of emergency I'll be in Africa!!!


john said...

Respectfully, you have no idea what a surprise is awaiting you. you'll see

Azin said...

Respectfully if the surprise doesn't turn out well, you and me need a serious talk lol We'll see;)

Pamak said...

at that time, too late for a serious talk bcuz it has already got serious loll

Azin said...

Never too late to get someone really hurt lol

ImAn said...

من که چیزی نفهمیدم ولی زیبا بود
شما هم به وب من سر بزنین
نظر یادتون نره
با بای

Om Pratap Singh said...

That was funny but I thought that girls have natural hormones that makes them like kids and give birth to one. Any ways, I like li'l coochie-coochie infants only when they are not shitting. Otherwise I crave for the touch of their soft, sensible, innocent skin.