Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm Lazy.. But It's the Lazy People Who Invented the Wheel and the Bicycle Because They Didn't Like Walking or Carrying Things

"I'm gonna die!" It was the first thing that came to my mind.. I'm gonna die lonely and scared with no loved ones around, no last words, no last moments.. No nothing.. I'm gonna die in this hot smelly room full of sweaty tired strangers with a dizzy head, sick stomach and a dark blurry vision and no one would even know what I'd been thinking about in my very last moments of my life!!!
It all happened in half an hour of that stupid hot yoga class we went to tonight!
The whole idea is to practice yoga in a room heated to 40.5°C with a humidity of 40% perhaps to sweat to death and find it difficult to breathe!
When we were registering the guy warned us that we might feel dizzy or nausea in the class as it happens to beginners especially to women and he added that we don't need to freak out and all we need to do is to lie down a bit and we should be fine! It sooooo wasn't fine!!
My 90-minute class only lasted for 30 minutes, when I started feeling dizzy and the whole thing went black! So I did what the guy had told me: Lied down for 10 minutes, got up to realize I'm feeling worse and spent the next 20 minutes thinking I'm dying for nothing and then left the class forever! After the paint ball, I think tonight was my worst experience of spending an evening with a friend!
I swear to god my body always shows negative reactions to any kind of exercising or working out or anything related to consuming energy!! I either get fat or numb and in this case dead!!
They say sports do not build character. They reveal it... And sounds like my character is to sit somewhere, relax and enjoy my movement-free life!


Strong Commenter said...

Welcome back my beautiful philosopher!! Had missed this type of writing so much :))

Azin said...

you know about the miracle of encouragement right?
hey tarifamo bokon hey benevisam;)

Marjan Joon said...

bokhor o bekhad, topol e azizam :)