Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Things that Make Me Smile :)

When my mom makes me honey milk in the morning before I leave, my dad calls my mom daily to tell her how much weight he's lost since they've been apart, Sandra makes the face as soon as the kiss-boss's-ass guy steps in, Kirash tries to speak Farsi to my mom, Arash tells me about his new job and life in Iran, Maryam dances while she's singing and feels sexy, Houman remembers the silliest things I've told him, Parnia calls right after work to tell me how tired she is and without waiting to breathe asks where to party, Atoosa or Anooshka answer the phone when I call MY home jut to let me know they're in a rush and hang up on me before I get the chance to tell them I'd called to talk to my mom!
When Abbasi's around, Mani cooks, Marjan makes a visit, Kashani talks about his dreams, Nasim takes care of the "team" and Lida becomes deep!
That smile you guys give.. Every time I think I can live without you, you give me that smile. I've started thinking you really shouldn't do that to me.


Anonymous said...

lucky those people that you can't live without!

Strong Commenter said...

kojaii? chera neminevisi? man weblog gardi ziad mikonam, ziad ham mikhounameshoun...vali neveshtehaye to ye chize digast...benevis azizam...benevis

lida said...

please write deep :P
love u & ur blog...

stay gold A.Z.I.N,

Anonymous said...

lol you really are a typical persian girl. why should that upset you? i have no idea. unless you are not from iran, in which case it should upset you lol. anyhow, learn from other girls, they ignore such comments and move along, no matter how much you argue with men (im a man), they never change their opinion about you, now, if you dont care about their opinion, ignore it, and if you do care, you should respond not by talking and arguing, but by actions. but still, being told that you are a typical persian girl, should not upset you in anyway.