Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday.. Monday.. Monday!!!

One of the hardest things to do in life is when you're too tired to even move your head and you have to go to work, smile and pretend you're energetic, interested and of course enthusiast!! So you sit at your computer, you have the most serious face like you're operating a heart surgery with a slight frown to say you're in deep thoughts of problem solving but in reality you're doing nothing but staring at your screen and begging god to help the day passes ASAP!!
You have your first coffee and remember coffee's had never helped you stay awake before.. So perhaps you need a second cup to see the miracle! Trying not to lose your faith you pour your 3rd cup and that's when you start feeling sick in your stomach!!! Now you're sleepy, feeling sick inside and are mad at yourself for keep forgetting coffee's never been the solution!!!
And then there's this lady who's our Corp Law Secretary but acts like her main responsibility is to supervise me!! I have quite a time with her.. I mean she even makes me laugh IF I'm in a good mood.. But Monday morning with a little headache, tired body, sleepy eyes and sick stomach I can't even stand myself.. And Gushhhh you need hell of a patience and a free spirit to be able to deal with her cuz she has a tendency of talking to herself at my desk, which makes me feel really uncomfortable cuz I've no clue how to react.. Like when she talks about her bills I don't know how to contribute cuz all that comes to my mind is to ask how much is her bill and it's rude to ask people you barely know how much they pay for their bills!!! And then as she's talking she walks away and yuppp still talking.. So I can hear her saying something just can't hear the words and I don't know should I follow her? Ignore her? Or simply just smile and do my thing? Annnddd the best part's our morning time when she grabs the Toronto Star and reads her horoscope for me.. I mean why on earth do I wanna know what's gonna happen to her everyday with her own comments and interpretations regarding each line she reads which usually relates to her mom, perhaps the only person who spends her time with her cuz well mother-to-daughter love is an unconditional love no matter what a weirdo creature you've handed over the world!!!
I'm telling you god's made her by end of the week when she was way too tired to think what she's doing!!!! Good job God! Gooood Job!


jimboy said...

HAHAHA Absolutely hilarious!

Anonymous said...

stop partying and feel fresh at work;)

Azin said...

I'd rather keep partying and feel fresh at soul;)

jimboy said...

publish your stories!

Azin said...

Find the publisher and I'll think about it lol