Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Weather Lady Felt Funny Today!! She said:"It's Snowing Still and Freezing BUT We Haven't Had an Earthquake Lately!!!!!"

One of the problems with living in an “Ice Land” is that no matter what kind of a weather alert you receive from snowfall to freezing rain and blizzard alerts, no matter if you're stuck in your own drive way or can't start your car and no matter if all the busses are cancelled because of the heavy snow and icy dangerous roads, the schools are still open, work expects you to be there on time and basically life goes on like nothing abnormal has happened!
But the truth is that 30 cm of snow has happened, roads are not passable and you can't do anything about it but wishing you were a bird not because of the incredible feeling you get of flying but to find a way to skip the crazy traffic, stressed out drivers and of course the sliding cars!!!!!
But living here makes you accept the fact that "snow is water, ice is water and water is water.. These three are one!!!"
Dear Mayor,
They say when it snows, you have two choices: Shovel or making Snow Angels! You've added up a 3rd option: leaving it to god, sun and spring to melt it for us!!!
This morning I felt really bad for HWY 403 cuz sounds like no one even knows it's existed.. After last night's heavy snow, this morning all the roads were clear but as soon as I turned into 403 I thought I've entered Alaska..No body had cared enough to remove the snow from the highway!!! And it wasn't just me.. Other drivers looked confused too!!!
So if you're reading this (Oh by the way I would get really offended if I notice you don't read my stuff!!!) and if you don't care about cars, times and lives of 1,349,006 commuters who take this highway to get to work, at least have some considerations for the poor isolated road and don't let it feel so left out and clear the snow off the road!!! You never know maybe it votes for you next time!!!

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