Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Too Tired to Function...

After months of asking, begging almost crying for my manager to get me more involved, I finally got into accounting.. Now every morning me and my mathematicsless brain go to work, stare at the endless bunch of numbers and control sheets, remember the good old days of doing nothing and sigh!!!!!
I can't really tell if my boss (the main boss I mean, cuz everyone even our receptionist acts as my boss!!!!) likes me.. Last time he told me he's gonna get me a soup (I've started feeling old. The whole winter I was sick, coughing and complaining about the pain in my bones!!!) and when I asked him what kind of a soup he added that he's gonna surprise me!
((Why I always think surprises are good stuff??))
He brought me a Caribbean Chicken Soup.. What he forgot to tell me, most likely cuz it was the "surprise", was that there were 2 chicken feet in the soup!!! Only the idea of having 2 disgusting chicken feet right under my nose made me sick enough not to be able to touch my soup, so I hid my yukky chicken feet soup in the garbage bin, thanked him and promised myself not to fall for his surprises again!!!!
And now this accounting thingy.. I'm really not sure if he gave me more responsibilities cuz he thought I could do them or gave them to me to make me quiet for a while!!!!
In less than a month I either get a nice, yeayyy-I-did-it promotion, or would go down with a pure humiliation!!!!
This new year I asked god to give me something like a camel's hump, where I can save some energy.. So if I sleep well on weekend I can stay awake on weeknights!! Perhaps this way I wouldn't fall asleep for our new year next year and wouldn't feel this tired while I'm at work and could manage to smile when people keep talking about stuffs that I have no interest in..
This morning I saw this lady I barely know in our elevator, from the basement to 9th floor she told me the whole story of what a nasty Easter she had this year as she just found out her husband is cheating on her and how lucky I am for not having to live with a pig!!! I'm a good girl and listen to others advices.. the whole day I felt really happy for not having to live with a pig only falling for the pigs!!!!!!!

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