Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday.. Monday.. Monday!!!

One of the hardest things to do in life is when you're too tired to even move your head and you have to go to work, smile and pretend you're energetic, interested and of course enthusiast!! So you sit at your computer, you have the most serious face like you're operating a heart surgery with a slight frown to say you're in deep thoughts of problem solving but in reality you're doing nothing but staring at your screen and begging god to help the day passes ASAP!!
You have your first coffee and remember coffee's had never helped you stay awake before.. So perhaps you need a second cup to see the miracle! Trying not to lose your faith you pour your 3rd cup and that's when you start feeling sick in your stomach!!! Now you're sleepy, feeling sick inside and are mad at yourself for keep forgetting coffee's never been the solution!!!
And then there's this lady who's our Corp Law Secretary but acts like her main responsibility is to supervise me!! I have quite a time with her.. I mean she even makes me laugh IF I'm in a good mood.. But Monday morning with a little headache, tired body, sleepy eyes and sick stomach I can't even stand myself.. And Gushhhh you need hell of a patience and a free spirit to be able to deal with her cuz she has a tendency of talking to herself at my desk, which makes me feel really uncomfortable cuz I've no clue how to react.. Like when she talks about her bills I don't know how to contribute cuz all that comes to my mind is to ask how much is her bill and it's rude to ask people you barely know how much they pay for their bills!!! And then as she's talking she walks away and yuppp still talking.. So I can hear her saying something just can't hear the words and I don't know should I follow her? Ignore her? Or simply just smile and do my thing? Annnddd the best part's our morning time when she grabs the Toronto Star and reads her horoscope for me.. I mean why on earth do I wanna know what's gonna happen to her everyday with her own comments and interpretations regarding each line she reads which usually relates to her mom, perhaps the only person who spends her time with her cuz well mother-to-daughter love is an unconditional love no matter what a weirdo creature you've handed over the world!!!
I'm telling you god's made her by end of the week when she was way too tired to think what she's doing!!!! Good job God! Gooood Job!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

All the Good Things Come to an End!!

I'm not a big fan of Good-Byes.. That's why I hate it to go to the airport! Those last words kill me! All I can say is to be careful, or have a safe trip, or don't forget to call while all I wanna say is: “Please don't go!!!”
I don't like the endings in general.. Like when a good movie, a nice vacation, a delicious food, a fun party, a sweet chocolate bar, the weekend, a good book, the last glass of wine, a sunny warm day, a good conversation, a dream, a kiss, a moment when you hold hands, a friendship or a relationship ends!!!
And it's know the end of something great is coming, but you want to hold on, just for one more second...just so it can hurt a little more!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Weather Lady Felt Funny Today!! She said:"It's Snowing Still and Freezing BUT We Haven't Had an Earthquake Lately!!!!!"

One of the problems with living in an “Ice Land” is that no matter what kind of a weather alert you receive from snowfall to freezing rain and blizzard alerts, no matter if you're stuck in your own drive way or can't start your car and no matter if all the busses are cancelled because of the heavy snow and icy dangerous roads, the schools are still open, work expects you to be there on time and basically life goes on like nothing abnormal has happened!
But the truth is that 30 cm of snow has happened, roads are not passable and you can't do anything about it but wishing you were a bird not because of the incredible feeling you get of flying but to find a way to skip the crazy traffic, stressed out drivers and of course the sliding cars!!!!!
But living here makes you accept the fact that "snow is water, ice is water and water is water.. These three are one!!!"
Dear Mayor,
They say when it snows, you have two choices: Shovel or making Snow Angels! You've added up a 3rd option: leaving it to god, sun and spring to melt it for us!!!
This morning I felt really bad for HWY 403 cuz sounds like no one even knows it's existed.. After last night's heavy snow, this morning all the roads were clear but as soon as I turned into 403 I thought I've entered Alaska..No body had cared enough to remove the snow from the highway!!! And it wasn't just me.. Other drivers looked confused too!!!
So if you're reading this (Oh by the way I would get really offended if I notice you don't read my stuff!!!) and if you don't care about cars, times and lives of 1,349,006 commuters who take this highway to get to work, at least have some considerations for the poor isolated road and don't let it feel so left out and clear the snow off the road!!! You never know maybe it votes for you next time!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Roommate...My Hero;)

I was writing something totally was deep and thoughtful I was almost done when my brother woke up and I just decided to leave my thoughtful, deep writing aside and start writing about my roommate..
I'm not sure how many of you watch Friends but if you do and if you know "Ross Gellar" then you know my brother..
He's one of the most special people in my life and although we are way too different and make fun of each other all the time, I still feel like his opinions have the most influence on me, although I act like they don't!
I usually wake up earlier than him and now that I'm listening to his music I know why... Those couple of hours in the morning that I have while he's sleeping are the only hours that I can relax and chill without being disturbed by the most annoying musics in the whole world! and the worst's that his lap top's broken and he uses the PC which is right behind my room and even if i don't wanna listen to his stuffs I have no other choice!
And god bless whoever introduced him to the music world, I have the same problem when we are in the car! And since it's our unwritten, unspoken commitment to be together wherever we go, it sounds like I should get used to it and I still don't know why/how I haven't yet!
Living with him is like an adventure,i.e wandering from one room to the other and cleaning up his mess and also dealing with "so-called" friends who he suddenly without an at least one day notice or anyhting finds intolerable and I, as the nice girl, should find ways to let them know why they're not welcome to our place anymore!
One of his favorite things to do is shopping...since he was a little kid he had his own language and it was others responsibilities to understand what he says.. For him shopping is going to a movie theatre! So never get fooled if he called you and asked you if you're up for shopping!
He loves you when you cook for him he'll give u a kiss on your chick, open the fridge and have a cold pizza and leaves! I think only the idea of having a warm, home made food satisfies him but deep down he just craves for junk food!
And you know how women are known for getting ready late??!!! OBJECTION!!! Some of you know how everytime I should wait for at least 20 minutes before he gets ready, and then another 10 minutes looking for his cellphone and wallet!
I told you living with him is interesting!
mmm if you were looking for a unique roommate call my cell..
love you bro;)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Keep the Distance.. You Might Get Sick!!!!

Since couple of days ago my best friends have been Neocitran and Turnip supposedly to help me be able to breathe again, stop coughing and go back to normal! I hate it when I'm sick.. First of all it gives me a funny look just the way crying, drunkenness, sleep deprivation and feeling worn out do: Swollen small eyes, big red nose and a pale complexion, which you should agree with me are not the greatest help of boosting a self confidence! And when I cough sometimes it makes a weird noise that makes me reallly uncomfortable when I wanna cough in public!!!!
And the worse is that I still have to go to work just cuz I've made up all these different kinda excuses for not going to work that this time the only reason for not goin to work is either quitting or calling in Dead!!!!!!!
And I hate it more when I'm sick on weekends..
The result? While everyone's out snow fighting, having fun and thanking whoever invented the weekend, I'm lying down in my bed, having a hot water bag on the right side of my face (I'm not sure if it's a sinusitis or what but my right eye, eyebrow and ear are cooperating pretty well to kill me in pain) and writing this and wishing it was Sunday when you're miserable enough that nothing in this world even a sore throat or a running nose can make you feel more down!!!
Going back to sleep.. Please send me flowers and remind me I'm pretty.. Thanks!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I Don't Mind Coming to Work,

But that Eight Hour Wait to Go Home is a Bitch!!!!