Monday, May 07, 2007

Ev ev ev everybody come on everybody..Shake it to the left now..Shake it to the right now..Ev ev ev everybody come on everybody..Keep dancing tonight!

Every single day that I woke up this week I felt like the world's smiling at me.. You know what a great feeling it is that you just feel happy and grateful for no reason? You just like things as they are..
My friend called me last night and we're going to this salsa dance class tomorrow..
And that made me think maybe I could take it seriously and become a professional dancer and stop being worried about what I should do..
But the problem's that: In today's world the word "professional dancer" is used for strippers.. I mean it's really funny, you see a girl, you start talking to her and she tells you how much she likes her job and how much she enjoys it and when you ask her what do you do.. She announces very proudly:"I'm a professional dancer... I dance with no clothes on!" Isn't that funny?? People are giving funny and surprisingly acceptable names to their professions.. Ask prostitutes..They never tell you :"I do have sex for money" they say they are "professional masseurs!"
I'm doing the same thing well not in a same level but still...When people ask me what do you do I just say I'm a "professional job seeker!"
I love playing with words.. It saves you from lots of situations, keep you away from embarrassment and gain you respect from others..
My sister was giving me some advice about a job interview I have this afternoon and it really hit me.. It's all about how you feel about yourself and how you make people think of you!
Just make every one think you're the best and soon you will be one ;)


Strong commenter said...

Those hints have been given to you just to impress the most stupid interviwers!! normal people....there is no need to "make" them think you're the best...since you already are hon.

Good luck on your Salsa class ;)

Azin said...

somewhere in my childhood I must have done something good to have you (quoted from Maria lol);)